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"I am indebted to Aricia Lee for her help in editing the book."

~ Dr. Zahi Hawass; Archaeologist
Director of the Giza Pyramids


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~ Glynis Ablon, MD


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Welcome to The AuthorShip!

The AuthorShip is here to polish, print and publish your book, while you retain full copyrights and credits. My name is Aricia Lee, ghostwriter and editor, and I’ll be your captain for your entire journey from 'just another person with a great idea' to…published author!

You’ve got a book or two in you, but you’re not sure what the next step is. Whether you’ve run adrift after outlining your initial idea, or you’ve run aground after writing 1,000 pages…you can WRITE THAT BOOK now!

From concept to copy, The AuthorShip steers you through every stage of getting published from:

  • Brainstorming, outlining and organizing your content to
  • Writing, editing and proofing

  • Formatting, designing and printing

  • Copyrighting, publishing and marketing (and possibly selling to a major publisher)

You want your book to be a #1 bestseller...join us at The AuthorShip where together we can take your great idea…

From your mind to the page…


Pull it together! You’ve got a story to tell! Words of wisdom gleaned over years of experience. But you need someone who can put the spit and polish on your manuscript, write your book proposal OR ghostwrite the whole book…in the strictest of confidence of course. WHAT DO YOU DO? You call in an expert. You get the best. You call me…Aricia Lee.

From the page into print…

Act 2: PRINT

You did the write thing…you got yourself a hired gun with an entire posse of professionals who now make your book a reality and fast. She’s got a red pen and she knows how to use it. She’s got bestsellers under her belt…film, TV, commercials, you name it. She’s done it. Now she’s got your manuscript and she’s turned it into a book you can be proud of. But The AuthorShip doesn’t stop there. It guides you ever closer to the fulfillment of your dream. The AuthorShip designs a spectacular cover with your input, prints as many or as few copies as you desire at an alarmingly reasonable fare and then…before you know it, that little seed of an idea of yours has gone…

From print to your adoring public…


Congratulations! You’re a published author. You wonder why you didn’t do this a long time ago. It was all so easy…so FUN! But all that time wasted just thinking about it doesn’t matter now. You’re happy. That’s your name on the cover. Maybe even at the top of the best-seller list. Now you’re an author, you’re thinking…T.V sky’s the limit! We can get you there too.

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"I'm grateful to Aricia Lee for making [this book] real in her dedication to the writing process."

~ Chris Howard


"Aricia, this book most certainly would not have been written without your guidance and incredible literary skills. I am in awe of your amazing editing and integrating abilities! You took my scrambled thoughts and turned them into an easy to read, easy to understand book."

~ Michelle Armstrong