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Biography - About Aricia Lee

Aricia Lee has been a Writer and Publisher since she was 8 years old when she self-published the handwritten, hand-stapled and illustrated 1st rare edition of How to be a Good Housewife, (in the pure-fiction-posing-as-non genre). Since making the bold, misspelled claim in first grade, “I will be a writter when I grow up,” she has been writting everything from magazine articles to TV commercials to films.

To support her writing habit after college, Aricia embarked on a series of (very) odd driver, house painter, artist model...that would last a good decade. But it was as an Egyptologist’s assistant co-leading tours to Cairo that Aricia got her first big break (of all places. Go figure.) when she wrote an original treatment with archaeologist Fadel Gad that would soon be produced as Fox TV’s series Live from Egypt Opening the Tombs with Dr. Zahi Hawass, broadcast live worldwide—one of the first in the innovative (and often annoying) reality-TV genre.

Soon after graduating from the Masters in Professional Writing program at University of Southern California (USC), Aricia had the great honor of personally working and traveling with Dr. Hawass in 1999 on his most recent discovery in Bahariya Oasis—an ancient cemetery containing thousands of gilded Greco-Roman mummies stumbled upon quite literally by one ornery and tired mule. The result of her 3 months living in Cairo was the non-fiction book Valley of the Golden Mummies published by Abrams Publishing in New York City, in which Aricia also had three photos printed.

While in New York City, Aricia then worked on a number of exciting projects that went nowhere. With a Sony producer she developed a series of documentaries on Egyptian archaeology, promptly shelved around Y2K. She was then hired to research, develop and write programming for HGTV on the history of homebuilding only to discover that the Discovery channel was producing the same subject.

It was during her stint as a limo driver while seriously contemplating a one-way flight back to L.A. that Aricia had a chance meeting with a film producer in the very town she was born in her native New Jersey, who commissioned her to write a film script, proving that...I don’t know what that proves. That’s just weird. I go all over the world looking for success then get to make my first film in my own back yard. Maybe it just disproves the myth that “You can never go home again.” (This right after reading Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, a lovely story I recommend about what happens when you follow your dreams long and far enough.) In any case, the two teamed up with cast and crew from New York to make the film and documentary Rush Junkies, inspired by Aricia’s own high-school days but with much cooler cars on an even wilder ride.

Living in Los Angeles now, Aricia Lee writes full-time as a ghostwriter with The AuthorShip, a perfectly odd job she enjoys, steering other new writers on the path to publishing success. Her particular fondness is for non-fiction and film.

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