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"I am indebted to Aricia Lee for her help in editing the book."

~ Dr. Zahi Hawass; Archaeologist
Director of the Giza Pyramids


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~ Glynis Ablon, MD




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Just the FAQs, ma’m...

How does ghostwriting work? Do I have to have my manuscript finished before we can work together?

No, I have written books with people who have only completed an outline of their idea, or given me hand-written notes or research to be compiled. Sometimes I get a nearly complete manuscript, sometimes I interview people to get their story out of them. “Ghostwriting” basically refers to the writer/editor not having their name on the cover.

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What if I already have my first draft and I just want someone to look it over and make it ready for publication?

Then it just needs an editor, someone who edits the book with an eye for marketing it. This could require extensive re-working, just a little polishing or the author going back in to re-do it themselves based on specific feedback notes. Editing services can also include a consultation of how to get you and your book to the next level, whether you want to self-publish and market yourself or sell it to a particular publishing company.

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What’s the difference between The AuthorShip and those print-on-demand self-publishing companies like iUniverse, Xlibris or
 There are several significant differences.
  1. Those companies require a complete manuscript as their editors do little more than punctuation and grammar alterations.

  2. They sell your book back to you at such a high price per book that you can only make an average of $4 - $5/book, making it difficult to keep your book cost competitive. If it gets on Amazon, you are lucky if you make $1 per book sold because they skim more of your money off the top.

  3. They also don’t do anything to help market your book other than put your title on a list with book wholesalers. They do not want a major publisher to buy your book or they wouldn’t make money.

 The AuthorShip, on the other hand:
  1. Has full services upfront helping you formulate and write the book

  2. Profits are all yours! No one else is skimming their share off the top

  3. Uses print-on-demand so you get more books for a fraction of the cost

  4. Works with you personally to sell your book to a major publishing company AND . . .

  5. When appropriate, our marketing team executes a publicity plan to get you and your book to bestseller...they’ve done it before!

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What are the advantages of self-publishing over getting published with a major publisher?
They both have their advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately, depending on your goals, having your book(s) offered by a major publishing company puts you in a bigger ballgame. Self-publishing is a wonderful new trend that puts the power in the writer’s hands in so many ways and increases your chances of getting published with a major publishing house.

Self-publishing is the fastest way to:
• Have a book—just as professional-looking—in your hands within a month without having to try to get an agent, or send a slew of query letters asking if a publisher is interested in possibly receiving your proposal, only to then wait for years for that one letter of interest amongst the majority of rejection letters
• Gain immediate credential as an author—your ticket to media and speaking exposure
• Have great product to sell at seminars, events, online, local bookstores, etc.
• Make every penny of your self-chosen book price
• Not have to order in bulk to get the cheapest print rate
• Make it more likely that a major publishing company will take you on as one of their authors

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Why does self-publishing increase my chances of a major publisher buying my book?
Because the major publishing company gets the chance to see the value of the finished product as well as recognize your initiative in creating it. They look for someone who generates their own marketing venues (radio, speaking, email campaigns, etc.) over someone who just tosses a manuscript at them and wants them to do all the work getting it into the public eye. They’d rather publish a go-getter like you!

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"I'm grateful to Aricia Lee for making [this book] real in her dedication to the writing process."

~ Chris Howard


"Aricia, this book most certainly would not have been written without your guidance and incredible literary skills. I am in awe of your amazing editing and integrating abilities! You took my scrambled thoughts and turned them into an easy to read, easy to understand book."

~ Michelle Armstrong