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We all have a story to tell... What’s yours?

Everyone has a story to share, yet, not everybody has a passion for writing. Even just thinking about writing a book can be daunting. This is why so many books never get finished, writers talk themselves out of ever getting started!


The fact is, writing a book is always a collaboration. And the great benefit of using a ghostwriter or editor is that…

“Two minds are better than one.”

“If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it.” – Toni Morrison

There are so many great reasons to write a book or blog:
  • Share your life’s work and expertise
  • Reveal compelling experiences
  • Help others understand an important issue or need for change
  • Gather research to write a family’s history and memories for posterity
  • Tell the tales of your travels, adventures and insights into a culture
  • Start a lucrative writing career and grow an audience
  • Build a platform to promote your business and reach readers
  • And offer invaluable knowledge on a hot topic that readers are seeking on Amazon right now!

Having worked with dozens of clients over the last two decades, I have also found that writing a book is cathartic!  

By working together, we gain new perspective and see the book’s greater potential.

The process of writing gives us creative choices and the opportunity to learn how to overcome our challenges.

Then, by publishing your work you are giving the gift of transforming others’ lives.

So, if you’ve got a redemptive story to tell…

Sing your heart out!

Each one of us has at least one book lodged inside of us.
All we have to do is put pen to paper. Then the heart and head does most of the work. All you need is a seasoned, professional ghostwriter.

Oh! Look! Here’s one right now…

Aricia Lee

Ghostwriter & Editor since 1999  
  • Personal Development/Self-Help
  • Memoirs
  • Business
  • Art and History
  • Health and Education
I have always worked with professionals at the top of their game–entrepreneurs, archaeologists, motivational speakers, doctors, actors, teachers, athletes and ordinary people with extraordinary stories from China to Pennsylvania and Kuwait to Australia, who overcame their challenges. Most of my clients were not aspiring writers per se, yet, they wanted to offer information that could help others. In the process, both writer and reader always gains greater realizations and inspiration.

As we work together, you will discover your own

Clarity and Greater Purpose!

As you write what you know, you become more of who you are.

Writing a book is always a collaboration. And here is a simple process that facilitates working together:


After we discuss your highest vision and intention for your book, I read your outline or first draft of the manuscript then offer you thoughts and ideas for the book. Through feedback, we get on the same track. And together, we gain clarity of the project’s purpose and set an Ideal Outcome.


You or we create a second draft then we each read through so that we can ask ourselves,

What is missing? What readers are seeking? How can we fulfill the intention of the book?  This is the opportunity to corroborate the core message.



We read through together to punch up the writing quality, craft a dynamic conclusion, comb through last edits and choose an  appropriate publishing option.

We make sure it’s all there on the page!



“I am indebted to Aricia Lee for her help in editing the book.”

~ Dr. Zahi Hawass, Archaeologist & Director of the Giza Pyramids, Cairo; Valley of the Golden Mummies; Abrams Publishing;






“I am grateful for the help that Aricia Lee gave me putting all of those stories together. Her input was invaluable.”

~ Andra Martin Stein; A Long Road From A Small Town

~ Julia Zhu and Aricia Lee; The Chinese Billionaire’s Wife

~ Eisha Mason and Peggy Dobreer, 64 Ways to Practice Nonviolence

~ Jennifer McLean; MasterWorks Healing: Body Dialoguing with Jennifer McLean

~ Rebecca Kochenderfer: Homeschooling and Loving It

Are you ready to have your book in your hands? With my simple 3 step process and a little effort, I can help you to create your book and bring your message out into the world.